Standardised ESG integration with SD-KPIs

Standardisierte ESG-Integration mit SD-KPIs

CLIENT SERVICES PROJECT COMPLETION Autumn 2022 Challenge SD-M GmbH creates and publishes global standards for key ESG indicators in 68 different industries, so-called ‚ÄúSustainable Development Key Performance Indicators‚ÄĚ (SD-KPIs). The aim of the project was to model these standards on the basis of the global ESG data from Moody‚Äôs ESG Solutions (Moody‚Äôs¬ģ is a registered […]

Focus on development cooperation: FairWorldFonds

CLIENT SERVICES PROJECT COMPLETION Challenge The German aid organisation Brot f√ľr die Welt is initiating the first mutual fund that takes into account social and ecological as well as development criteria: the FairWorldFonds. The investment and thus the selection of the fund‚Äôs securities is based on the principles of justice, peace, integrity of creation, and […]

Sustainability within the federal investments: The Euronext ESG World 75 Index

CLIENT SERVICES PROJECT PERIOD Since spring 2021 Challenge The federal government‚Äôs goal: to integrate sustainabilityand transparencymore into the federal capital investments. The aim is to align the equity investments of four special funds with Germany‚Äôs sustainable finance strategy and EU regulations on combating climate change. Solution In cooperation with Euronext and Moody‚Äôs ESG Solutions, imug […]

Strengthening children’s rights: The KinderZukunftsFonds

CLIENT SERVICES PROJECT PERIOD Since May 2021 Challenge The German charity organisation Kindernothilfe establishes Germany‚Äôs first mutual fund that promotes a future worth living for children and safeguards their special rights. To this end, it is important to identify issuers that meet the guiding values, such as the promotion of children and young people, education, […]

Transforming the economy: Hamburger Nachhaltigkeitsfonds Best-in-Progress

Transforming the economy: Hamburger Nachhaltigkeitsfonds Best-in-Progress CLIENT SERVICES PROJECT PERIOD Since January 2020 Challenge With the Hamburger Nachhaltigkeitsfonds, Hamburger Sparkasse establishes the first fund based on the best-in-progress principle of the Institute for Sustainable Investments (NKI). The aim is to identify issuers that are making the fastest progress in their sustainability efforts. Solution imug rating […]