ESG solutions
in the credit business

In the transformation to a sustainable economy, credit institutions and banks play a central role as a link to the SME sector. Not only because of this, the requirements in ESG-relevant regulation in the credit business and in risk management are increasing. This is a major challenge for many institutions. Why? Data availability is insufficient, sustainability risks cannot be assessed adequately and the necessary ESG expertise is not sufficiently available in the staff. We help to overcome these challenges and recognise growth opportunities in ESG regulation.

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Meeting regulatory requirements in the credit business
and seizing opportunities

The regulatory requirements regarding ESG in the credit business with corporate clients have undergone significant development in recent years. Above all, these regulations demand a stronger integration of ESG risks into the risk management of the institutions. Here, resilient ESG data, a sound risk assessment methodology as well as continuous end-to-end processes – starting with sales and ending with risk management – are crucial. The necessary expertise in the workforce must not be neglected.

Our tailor-made ESG solutions support you in meeting these regulatory requirements. We not only provide you with the necessary tools and methodologies, but also convey the required expertise to your workforce to effectively manage sustainability risks.

Compliance with these regulatory requirements not only opens the possibility for you to adapt to the new standards, but also opens up new opportunities. The sustainable transformation in SMEs generates a sales potential that should to be used. We support you both in meeting the requirements and at the same time in identifying and exploiting growth opportunities.

finsu credit

finsu credit is our SaaS solution for banks and credit institutions that enables you to comply with ESG regulations and seize the resulting opportunities in your business. finsu credit collects all information required for lending and portfolio analysis and enables you to analyse and visualise the results. Everyone involved in your organisation receives a structured and easily comprehensible overview of the sustainability criteria of an exposure – as an end-to-end process, from the customer to sales to risk controlling and reporting.

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With our ESG scoring solutions, you can collect and assess the ESG risks of companies, real estate and other valuation objects. This enables you to quantify the sustainability risks in your portfolio and make them controllable – and thus comply with regulatory requirements. Our ESG scoring achieves complete portfolio coverage – regardless of the sector, size and geographical location of the valuation objects.

Individual ESG data collection

What is the relevant ESG data of my clients and how can I collect it? What are the specific regulatory requirements? These questions pose enormous challenges for credit institutions – and we provide you with suitable solutions. With the help of our questionnaires, you can ask your clients for the ESG data which is relevant from a regulatory and procedural point of view – even if they are not subject to any direct reporting obligations.

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Transformation financing

Would you like to support your clients in the sustainable transformation of their business models? With our sector-specific and size-dependent ideas for action, you can show your corporate clients ways to reduce their ESG risks and improve their ESG performance. You can also benefit from our renowned partner network.

Consistent with ESG regulation and market trends

Our products and solutions are not only future-oriented, but also always in line with the latest ESG regulatory standards. We closely adhere to regulatory requirements such as the Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk), the EBA Guidelines, the BaFin bulletin on dealing with sustainability risks (BaFin Merkblatt), the CSRD, the EU Taxonomy, the ESRS and many other important market standards.

With a clear view regarding current market developments, we strive to always provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant solutions. Rely on us to help you achieve your sustainability goals in an ever-changing world.

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