Expert opinions and certificates

If your financial products – as it is the case with alternative investments or innovative projects – are not off-the-shelf, there can be no standard solutions for sustainability assessment. But that doesn’t matter. Because we provide you with individual expert opinions and certificates. Our Sustainability Assessment, our Sustainable Fund Review or other customised assessments offer you everything you need – along with the good reputation of an industry leader.

Markus Grünewald

Sustainable Fund Review

The sustainability check is an independent reviewof sustainable fund products. With the objective and independent opinion, including a publishable review note and label, your credible and customer-oriented product communication will succeed on the market.

Sustainability Assessment

The Sustainability Assessment examines and evaluates the sustainability quality of companies or projects. You are a small or medium-sized enterprise? You want to start an innovative project that cannot yet be fully measured in figures, data and facts? No problem – in our qualitative assessment including a publishable certificate, we evaluate your sustainability performance to date.

Customised assessment projects

As an independentand objective rating agency, in the assessment of sustainability we are a partner for clients from business, the financial market and the public sector. We bring our diverse expertise to bear in a wide range of assessment projects:

  • CSR Award of the German Federal Government: Based on ESG criteria and questionnaires, we evaluate the management survey of the applicant companies. This evaluation serves as a basis for the jury’s decision.
  • Certified Sustainable Housing Label: We are auditors for a Europe-wide label for the certification of sustainability in housing companies. In doing so, we examine the companies according to a comprehensive catalogue of ESG criteria. Then we certify them with a label, the Certified Sustainable Housing Label.
  • SDG Investment Platform: Making the Sustainable Development Goals investable. This is the declared goal of our partner SDG Investments. On their platform, project initiators are brought together with sustainable investors. Our part: Before a project is accepted, we use the “SDG Assessment” to check whether it contributes to the SDGs.

Case Studies