Your partner for credible communication in the financial market: imug rating is the leading German provider in assessing sustainability. The financial market trusts in our transparent opinions. Whether it is our Second Party Opinion, our Sustainability Rating or our expert opinion: imug rating stands for credibility. Our clear and comprehensible assessments support you in your financing and communication.

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Second Party Opinion

Reputation for sustainable financing: imug rating offers issuers of green, social and sustainable bonds credible external verification with a Second Party Opinion (SPO). We support issuers from the private and public sectors from the joint kick-off meeting through our independent verification to the compliant Second Party Opinion. We work according to recognised, current standards, such as the Green Bond Principles or Green Loan Principles.


Sustainability Rating

Proof of your sustainability performance: Our Sustainability Rating assesses your entire organisation, from ESG management to products and services to potential controversies. The rating produced on your behalf underpins a credible communication, serves as a basis for improving your ESG management and can be used for sustainable financing instruments – for example, ESG-linked loans/bonds.

Expert opinions and certificates

Reliable second opinions for special projects: If your financial products are not off-the-shelf – as it is the case with alternative investments or innovative projects – there can be no standard solutions in assessing sustainability. But that doesn’t matter. Because we provide you with individual expert opinions and certificates. Our Sustainability Assessment, our Sustainable Fund Review or other customised assessments offer you everything you need – along with the good reputation of an industry leader.


ESG solutions in the
credit business

Credit institutions play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable economy. Compliance with strict ESG regulation, especially in risk management, is essential. Aside from the challenges that these developments pose – there are also considerable opportunities to be seized: transformation financing for SMEs opens up new horizons. Our solutions take a holistic view on the issue and offer tailored support for credit institutions. Ready to optimize your role in the sustainable transformation? Let’s get started!

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