Sustainability Rating

Sustainability Rating

The imug Sustainability Rating assesses your entire organisation, from ESG management to products and services to potential controversies. The rating produced on your behalf underpins your credible communication, serves as a basis for improving your ESG management and can be used for sustainable financing instruments – for example, ESG-linked loans/bonds.

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What aspects does the imug Sustainability Rating assess?

The methodology and the areas of assessment of the imug Sustainability Rating follow a
classification based on three guiding international ideas for sustainable development: Companies should operate responsibly, achieve positive sustainability impacts, and avoid sustainability risks in the form of controversies.

  1. ESG management: Analysis of the management of ESG risks in business processes
  2. Products and services: Analysis and evaluation of the sustainability of products and/or services offered
  3. Controversies: Analysis of controversial business conduct and the company’s response to controversial incidents

The methodology of the rating allows an adjustment of the ESG requirements according to the size classes of the companies, the consideration of sector-specific ESG criteria and an identification of material ESG risks.

The research process

The imug Sustainability Rating is created by an experienced analysis team in an in-depth research process. An average rating process takes about eight weeks.

How can a sustainability rating support you?

The imug Sustainability Rating is an excellent basis for sustainable financing instruments, such as sustainability-linked loans, ESG-linked promissory notes or other types of financing. Other advantages: With the help of detailed explanations on the ESG assessment, your company can enhance internal sustainability processes and reduce sustainability risks in a target-oriented manner. In addition, our rating can be used for credible external communication of your own sustainability performance. With its sector- and size-specific methodology, it is particularly suitable for medium-sized companies.

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