19. May 2023

Standardised ESG integration with SD-KPIs




Establishment of a common database on the “Sustainable Development Key Performance Indicators” (SD-KPIs) at company and sector level


Autumn 2022


SD-M GmbH creates and publishes global standards for key ESG indicators in 68 different industries, so-called “Sustainable Development Key Performance Indicators” (SD-KPIs). The aim of the project was to model these standards on the basis of the global ESG data from Moody’s ESG Solutions (Moody’s® is a registered trademark) licensed by imug rating to create a database for company- and sector-specific benchmarks in the area of relevant ESG indicators.


The SD-KPIs were operationalised using appropriate imug rating / Moody’s ESG Solutions research lines. The operationalisation included a mapping of the SD-KPIs to appropriate Moody’s ESG Solutions indicators. For each SD-KPI, imug rating also determined meaningful class thresholds for conducting company- and sector-specific benchmarking with regard to relevant indicators in the areas of environment, social affairs and governance.

The project

SD-M GmbH developed a specialised ESG classification model based on three standardised ESG key performance indicators for the respective sectors under consideration. The resulting SD-KPI standard 2016-2021 was published with the support of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board. SD-KPI and SASB standards have a high overlap. SASB is now part of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB).

Through the modelling of imug rating, a comprehensive database was created for the implementation of company- and sector-specific benchmarking on the basis of SD-KPIs. The modelling process was based on various research lines, which included relevant quantitative as well as a variety of qualitative ESG data.

The standardised solution of imug rating and SD-M enables banks, investors, asset managers and index providers to easily and systematically integrate SD-KPIs into risk management, indices, funds, sustainability-linked bonds and loans.

You are an investor and wondering how you can integrate relevant ESG data into your investment process? We are looking forward to advising you!

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Lukas Grabowsky and his team

„The ISSB standards will build on the industry-specific SASB standards. Due to the high overlap of SASB and SD-KPI standards, the SD-KPInform® database can already be used as history and for approximations for future ISSB standards.“

Dr. Axel Hesse
Founder, shareholder and managing director of SD-M GmbH

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