First German social joint bond: Second Party Opinion with development banks

CLIENT SERVICES PROJECT PERIOD Challenge The development banks of the federal states of Brandenburg, Hamburg and Rhineland-Palatinate want to refinance projects in the area of socially subsidised housing with a joint bond. For the social community bond, we are to prepare a summary presentation of the valuation as well as three individual valuations of the […]

Investment in energy security: Post-Issuance Verification for Eurogrid

CLIENT SERVICES PROJECT PERIOD Challenge Eurogrid ensures the grid integration of half of all wind power capacity integrated in Germany. With the issuance of a green bond in May 2020, the company (re)financed offshore projects to reduce and avoid CO2 emissions. Solution We confirm in our Post-Issuance Verifier’s Report that the green bond is compliant […]

Green bond for energy-efficient building technology


Green bond for energy-efficient buildings CLIENT ACTAQUA SERVICES Assessment of the Green Bond Framework in accordance with the Green Bond Principles PROJECT COMPLETION April 2022 Challenge ACTAQUA is a specialist for smart buildings. With the issuance of its green bond, the Mannheim-based company aims to finance the assurance of drinking water hygiene and the expansion […]

Green bonds for green buildings

CLIENT SERVICES PROJECT COMPLETION December 2021 Challenge Sparkasse K√∂lnBonn wants to (re-)finance environmentally friendly buildings by issuing green bonds. The proceeds are to be used to issue covered bonds to finance energy-saving measures in real estate. This includes existing residential properties, new buildings and renovations or refurbishments. Solution In our Second Party Opinion, we confirm […]

Sustainable debt instruments for social housing in the UK

Sustainable debt instruments for social housing in the UK CLIENT Places for People SERVICES Assessment of the Sustainable Finance Framework according to the Green and Social Bond Principles and the Sustainability Bond Guidelines PROJECT COMPLETION November 2021 Challenge Places for People is one of the largest property management and development companies in the UK. With […]

Green bonds for the expansion of solar energy

CLIENT SERVICES PROJECT COMPLETION October 2021 Challenge The Photon Energy Group is a provider of solar energy and clean water services. With the issuance of green bonds, the Amsterdam-based group aims to (re-)finance solar power projects for clean energy. Solution In our Second Party Opinion we confirm that the Green Financing Framework is in line […]